Saturday, July 28, 2012

Slider Cookies

I get my inspirations from many different places.  I watch Food Network and The Chew.  I love shows like Chopped, Cupcake Wars and Sweet Genius.  I subscribe to several food blogs.  The reality is many of the ideas/recipes I see are re-posts.  Like the Cookie balls I made at Christmas.  The recipe came from Kraft but, when Googled, you could find it on dozens of sites.  I try to give credit where credit is due but the sad fact is that by the time a recipe makes the rounds on the net you may never know who created it.  So I take my inspirations and add my own personality to them.   I want to share with you my creations and ideas.  I hope I inspire you to play with them and make them your own.
I am going to share with you my Slider Cookies.  I saw a picture online and thought they were adorable. But that recipe did not appeal to me.  I will tell you the difference as I get into that part of the cookie.  So what I will say is I had no recipe but I had an idea and that idea worked!

Slider Cookies 

What you will need for these cookies:
Vanilla Wafers
Oreo Double Stuf Cookies
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 
Shredded Coconut
Red and Yellow decorator icing
Green food coloring
Karo Syrup and Sesame seeds (optional)
Before we get started I want to say that I don't include amounts because it really depends on how many cookies you want to make.  For the cookies in the picture I used about half a box of wafers, a large package of Oreo's and around half a cup of coconut.

Start by preparing your 'burger patties'.  The original recipe I saw used a mint cookie for the burger patty.  This did not appeal to me at all.  A cookie sandwiched between cookies...yuk.  So the idea that popped into my head...double stuff!  Lay out some wax paper and using a paring knife pry the double stuff off the Oreo's.  Be careful its fragile.  Set them all aside on the paper.  Keep those plain Oreo's for later.  Put a couple of Tbs of cocoa in a small bowl.  Don't use a lot you can always add more.  Carefully take a double stuff and roll it in the cocoa, coating all sides.  Set them back on the wax paper to rest.  As they do they will start to absorb some moisture and take on the appearance of a real patty.  Oh don't stack them or they might stick together.  Place coconut in a zip baggy add a drop of green food coloring close and work the color into the coconut.
Time to assemble...
Take a Vanilla Wafer and put a spot of icing on it, top it with a patty.  Use the red icing for ketchup and go around the edge of the patty.  Add the yellow icing for mustard then top with the coconut lettuce.  Put a spot of icing on another Vanilla Wafer and top the lettuce.  For the sesame seeds I used a small amount of Karo syrup and very lightly brushed the top of the Vanilla Wafer , just enough to get it a bit sticky, then sprinkled on a few seeds.  And that's it!
You can eat these right away or let them set up a bit but I recommend you eat them the same day you make them.
Brings these to your next BBQ and they will for sure make a huge hit. 


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